Student of the Week: Week 1

Ian Cook II

College attended

Kenyon College (Ohio)


San Diego, California

Favorite sports team(s)

FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, LA Galaxy, 49ers

Favorite sports movie(s)

Any Given Sunday, The Sandlot

What made you choose SDSU SMBA?

The SDSU MBA program provided a challenging, accelerated atmosphere that I could see myself competing in. It had the perfect triple combination of being a desirable MBA, an emphasis on sports and was in my hometown. Also, the program has notable and reputable alumni that I want to emulate in the near future.

What do you hope to achieve while you’re a student in this program (personally and professionally)?

I hope to gain an educated insight into the business of sports; specifically how front office decisions are calculated, valued and then made. I want a deeper understanding of why things are considered to be “just business” and best practice for sports franchises.

Do you have any background/experience in the sports industry?  If not, any work experience?

Previously, I worked at TaylorMade adidas Golf Company for 2.5 years in Logistics, Product Development and Social & Environmental Compliance. Also, I have been a competitive youth soccer coach in San Diego since May 2011.

What area of the sports industry are you attempting to enter, and why?

I hope to enter the professional soccer industry in the United States, or abroad. I am a lifelong soccer enthusiast, player, coach and referee. I hope to parlay my passion for the game to the next generation of fans and athletes.

So far, what is your favorite class, and why?  *Optional* include your opinion on a current sports topics.

My favorite class has to be Finance I, due to the real world application of the examples. We analyze everything from professional player contracts worth to car loan true values. My opinion is that the city of San Diego should NOT fund a new stadium. If the city wants a new stadium, it should be funded by multibillionaire owners and the NFL, NOT taxpayers!