Student of the Week: Week 3

Lauren Winkelman

College attended: 

University of San Diego


Los Altos, CA

Favorite sports teams: 

San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks

Favorite sports movie(s): 

Remember the Titans, The Blind Side

 What made you choose SDSU SMBA? 

The opportunity to advance my career in sports and to greatly expand  my network in sports.

What do you hope to achieve while you're a student in this program
(personally and professionally)? 

Personally I hope to form lasting relationships with my cohort and other sports 
professionals I meet throughout the program. Professionally I hope to land in a career 
that allows me to share my passion with sports and better a business with my great work 
ethic. I also hope to give back as many ways possible along my professional career.

Do you have any background/experience in the sports industry?  
If not, any work experience? 

I worked in the athletics department at USD for 4 years working on expense reports/finance
and administration for the basketball and volleyball teams, worked game day and event 
operations, and managed the fitness center. After college I worked at wireless networking 
company in the Bay Area before returning to San Diego.

What area of the sports industry are you attempting to enter, and why?

Marketing or events for a league, conference, or agency. Sharing
the passion of the game is why I want to get into sports.

So far, what is your favorite class, and why? 

Finance! Professor Ryan has awesome teaching methods. I am most looking forward to 
Marketing Research this summer and a week of Sports Law coming up.