Student of the Week: Week 5

Tyler Aubertin

College attended: 

Texas Tech University

What made you choose SDSU SMBA?
I choose the SDSU Sports MBA program in large part because of the accelerated and intensive 
program. I liked the idea of an 18 month program and being able to earn my MBA before 
turning 24 was a huge plus for me.
What do you hope to achieve while you're a student in this program (personally and 

There are a great many things I hope to gain from this program. Professionally, I hope to 
gain entrance in the field of Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. This has always been 
a dream of mine to work in college sports. Personally, I am looking forward to living 
somewhere that is not in Texas. Being from Houston, Texas and going to school at Texas Tech,
 it was great opportunity to gain exposure to another part of the country.
Do you have any background/experience in the sports industry? If not, any work experience? 

I have worked in both college sports and professional sports. I was a Fan Engagement 
& Promotion Intern for Texas Tech University and was heavily involved in Red Raider 
baseball and basketball. I had game operations responsibilities and sponsorship activation 
duties for both. Inthe field of professional sports I was a Corporate Development Intern 
for the Houston Texans.I had a wide range of responsibilities and it opened my eyes to the 
business of professional sport.
What area of the sports industry are you attempting to enter, and why? 

I want to become an Athletic Director of a major division 1 university. I have followed 
the career path of both Kirby Hocutt (Texas Tech AD) and Ross Bjork (Ole Miss AD). Both 
of these men have rocketed through the ranks of Intercollegiate Athletics and I hope to 
mold my career after both of these men.
So far, what is your favorite class, and why?
So far my favorite class is the Sports Business Lab we have on Thursdays. The guest 
speakers and the material brought to class by members of the cohort is awesome. 

My Opinion on the Upcoming NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft coming up, people are breaking  prospects down all the way to the
grades they got in 5th grade history. The main competition being who is the best QB,
Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston. In my opinion Jameis Winston is the better QB
while Mariota is the better athlete. I question how Mariota's game translates to the
NFL. This is because of the plethora of failed spread offense and air raid offense
QBs in college that could not make the transition to the more traditional styles
played in the NFL. I am not questioning Mariota's athleticism, smarts, or arm
talent. I am not sure that playing in the Oregon offense translates in anyway to the
NFL. Jameis on the flip side comes with another set of issues. His off the field
activities and transgressions (proven, alleged, false or otherwise) has to be a
major concern for those looking fo a fix at QB in this draft. Both these players
have issues that need to be addressed by the team that drafts them, Mariota needs
time to learn and develop, Jameis also needs time to develop but also needs a strong
support staff and locker room around him to keep him in line.