Student of the Week: Week 7

College attended

San Diego State University – Civil Engineering



San Diego


Favorite sports team(s)

Dodgers, Clippers, 49ers, Auckland Blues


Favorite sports movie(s)

Moneyball, White Men Can’t Jump, Happy Gilmore


What made you choose SDSU SMBA?


The cohort structure and comprehensive sports business curriculum made me

choose the San Diego State Sports MBA.


What do you hope to achieve while you’re a student in this program

(personally and professionally)?


As a student in the program, I hope to exponentially grow my knowledge

base of business operations in professional sports organizations.


Do you have any background/experience in the sports industry?  If not, any work



After graduation from my undergraduate studies at SDSU, I spent 6 years

building a successful career in construction management and was a Project

Manager for one of the largest commercial general contractors on the West

Coast.  As I progressed in my construction career, I was afforded the

opportunity to be the head coach of the San Diego State rugby team. The

role has exposed me to day to day operations and management of a sports

team as well as leadership for college age players.


What area of the sports industry are you attempting to enter, and why?


I am attempting to enter professional sports operations. This area of

sports interests me most and will allow me to leverage my construction

operations & management.


So far, what is your favorite class, and why?


So far, my favorite class is Statistical Analysis.  This challenging

course will provide experience interpreting data to build effective

business strategies.


Sports Business Discussion


Recently, an MLS labor deal was struck at the eleventh hour.  Without

providing an opinion on the specific details and outcomes, I think it is

fantastic that the MLS and MLS Players Union were able to reach an

agreement without a strike or lockout. Either would have had a major

detrimental to the MLS growth potential and momentum coming into the 2015

season. Agreeing on a deal ensures the MLS will start the 2015 on the right

foot with national television coverage and increased exposure throughout

the country. It’s exciting to see how the MLS will grow in the near future.