Students Visit Caliente Stadium, Home of the Club Tijuana Xolos

On Friday March 27th, four members of the Sports MBA 2016 class traveled across the border to the Caliente soccer stadium to meet Oscar Barroso Huerta the Marketing Manager of Club Tijuana, or Gerente de Mercadotecnia. Ian Cook, Andres Ehrli, Joaquin Rodriguez and Carlos Salinas toured Caliente Stadium under the guidance of Mr. Barroso Huerta. Their tour of the still under-construction stadium started in the press box, then in to the newly constructed Black Bar restaurant, through the private quarters of players and coaching staff, and finally on to the unique turf field. Estadio Caliente of Club Tijuana is the only stadium in Mexico with an artificial surface as the home playing field. Club Tijuana is also the only team to consistently sell-out their home stadium on game-days in Mexico.

When SDSU Sports Blog interviewed the guys, they all expressed their gratitude to Club Tijuana, Mr. Barroso Huerta and were excited to help out the Club Tijuana “Xolos” in any way possible. The SMBA team was extremely excited to see the path in which the Xolos want to grow and the global presence they aim to have. They were amazed at the quality of the player’s locker room, the amenities offered, especially compared to other professional sports teams. Our team was excited at the prospect of helping Club Tijuana achieve its marketing motives. Overall, we saw this as a great opportunity for Club Tijuana, the SDSU Sports MBA program and for personal growth within the sports industry. Thanks to Club Tijuana and Mr. Oscar Barroso Huerta for hosting us!