Take home the gold!

While the #SMBA17 cohort finds it selves going into the home stretch of classes, Tez finds a home on the golden shoulders of our brand new student of the week: Jennifer Helssen. Jennifer is a former NCAA Champion rower from her college years at the University of California, Berkeley (one of the strongest rowing programs in the country). She also has experience in college athletics, rowing coaching, and sales from before joining the program.

The strong determination, passion, and work ethic associated with being a champion has certainly translated to Jennifer’s work both in and out of the classroom. Jennifer was one of the first students in the cohort to secure an internship (at the college athletics compliance department for the University of San Diego). Her background as a student/athlete and as a coach prepared her to juggle multiple projects at a time and excel doing so. This is evident by the fact that she has been able to turn her internship into a paying position based on her excellent results. As the cohort is lining up to finish classes, Jennifer hopes to continue her career in college athletics.

Jennifer’s time in Berkeley made her a diehard California Bear’s fan, which is evidenced by all the blue and gold apparel, decal, and accessories that she owns. She is a truly passionate person that is always looking for opportunities to help fellow classmates succeed. Looking at what she has achieved so far, the future looks extremely bright for this San Diego native. Congratulations Jennifer and Go Bears!!


Hometown: San Diego, CA

Undergraduate Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies- Health and Illness

Age: 25

Favorites Sports Teams: California Golden Bears, San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers

Favorite Sport(s) to Play: Running, Rowing, Biking, Yoga

Favorite Sports Movie: Remember the Titans

What made you choose SDSU’s Sports MBA program?

Location and curriculum! I wanted the MBA because it is transferrable and wanted the business background that I didn’t receive in undergrad.

What has been your most memorable experience so far in the SMBA program?

Bonding with classmates through late nights at the libraries, the DR trip, and sports events!

What do you hope to achieve while you’re a student in this program personally?

I hope to become more comfortably speaking in front of a group of people.

So far, what is your favorite class, and why?

My favorite class has been organizational behavior with Amy Randal. I was assigned a project on the Olympic Training Center and in doing so, discovered what kind of organization I hope to work for.

What do you hope to achieve once you graduate?

I hope to be working in the athletic department of a Division 1 College.