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On the day there was only one man, and on the day Seb Coe was that man” – Steve Cram 1984

After winning two Olympic 1500 meter titles, and two silver medals in the 800 (all four medals coming from Moscow-1980 and LA-1984), and setting virtually every possible middle-distance world record Sebastian Coe certainly could have rested on his laurels. He could have followed his fellow Briton and main rival Steve Ovett into athletics commentating or he could have gone down the pathway of so many sports stars into coaching.

Instead he chose to go into politics in 1992 at 30 years old, just two years after hanging up the spikes. In 1997, after a failed bid at reelection he was appointed as a secretary to the head of the Conservative party William Hague. He became a Baron at the turn of the century.

In 2004 he took charge of the movement to bring the Olympics to London. This became official in 2005 when he became Chair of LOCOG or London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.

‘If anything, my enjoyment has hardened. In my mind, the 220px-Lord_Coe_-_World_Economic_Forum_Annual_Meeting_2012_croppedimportance of this project is this big…These Games are a vehicle to address so much that is wrong; sport is a catalyst for social change. I’m delighted that the project can be used to clean up the capital’s rivers and to leave a sustainable new community behind, of course I am, but this is about sport. It’s still about sport. It was sport that I went to Singapore to canvass on our behalf for. I’ve never been bashful about that.”  –Sebastian Coe 2012

By all measures London put on a spectacular show last August. The Olympics changed the landscape of London forever and Lord Coe was the man behind it all. He was rewarded with BBC’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was well deserved but at 56 years old, Seb might just be hitting his stride.

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