Success in Athlete Sponsorship

She comes from the land down under!

Vickie Saunders of Melbourne, Australia, paid the class a visit to discuss athlete sponsorship. Vickie was an absolute delight and was bursting at the seams with tons of energy and a positive attitude. She provided the cohort extremely valuable insight into the business she is now considered an expert in.

The class was able to read the book that she released only three weeks ago, The Ultimate Guide to Sponsoring Athletes.  It was interesting to consider sponsoring athletes individually, as most of the group have focused mainly on how to sell corporate sponsorships up until this point. Vickie broke the entire process down and made it understandable.  She was also able to explain a bit more about the unique role she has essentially created for herself in this industry.


She aims to educate and facilitate, she does not sell anything to athletes or sponsors or even make recommendations.  She thoroughly enjoys working with athletes who are not necessarily known worldwide or who participate in lesser known sports.  A few places she currently works in include the US, Australia, Singapore, and the UK though for her it seems the sky is the limit. She cares deeply about the people she works with, a quality that shines through in every story she tells.

We were very fortunate that Vickie was able to spend the afternoon with the class and hope to see her again in the future!

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  1. Thanks so much for welcoming me into your class…..what a charming, clever and talented group of young people! It was so great to share a multi-dimensional conversation with you all!

    I look forward to seeing each of you succeed in your chosen career path!

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