Up Close With the Women of the San Diego Padres

Tonight, the women of SMBA ’17 celebrated the International Women’s Day with some leading women in the sports industry.

The San Diego chapter of Women in Sports and Events (WISE) hosted their annual Power Play; this year featuring the women of the San Diego Padres.

Throughout the evening, the cohort heard from a panel of leading ladies within the industry as they discussed their day-to-day activities, work-life balance, and their paths that led them to where they are today. The panel featured the following:

Sue Botos – Vice President of Community Relations

Christina Hall – Manager of Guest Services

Katie Jackson – Director of Marketing and Brand Activation

Danielle Sergeant – Director of Corporate Partnerships

Jaclyn Lash – Senior Manager of Special Events

Shana Wilson – Director of Communications


As expected, the topic of “Women in Baseball” was ever relevant in tonight’s discussion. While sports and baseball are still heavily seen as a “boys club,” women are becoming more prevalent within the industry. As can be seen, by the panel alone there are numerous women not just working for the San Diego Padres, but also with leading management positions. Company and client meetings that previously had zero women present are now not only run by women, but some are even exclusively women. The empowerment of women today has allowed for great strides within the industry that have allowed women to be as successful as they want to be. In the words of Jaclyn Lash, “while they may be a boys club, we are a girls club.”

Words of encouragement and inspiration flowed throughout the evening. Many panelists focused on the theme of not being afraid to start at the bottom and encouraged everyone to say “yes” to new opportunities. One of the many inspirational quotes from Sue Botos that resonated with much of the cohort was to “never underestimate the power that the people you meet will have on your life.” As a group of women who are working to break into the sports industry, the women that the cohort heard from and met tonight may play a significant role in the launching their careers.


Overall, it was an incredible night that the ladies were privileged to attend.  The SMBA ‘17 cohort is pleased to have had this opportunity and look forward to attending more events with WISE in the future.