USWNT vs. Republic of Ireland

The day that Alex Morgan played her 100th game wearing the United States Women’s National Team uniform was also unforgettable for the new SDSU Sports MBA cohort. Ten students volunteered at the friendly match between the U.S. and the Republic of Ireland at Qualcomm Stadium in front of 23,309 fans, a record crowd to watch a WNT game in San Diego. Occupying their roles as player escort and ball kid supervisor, locker room and bench crew, and stretcher crew, the SDSU volunteers acquired a new perspective in the organization of large-scale sporting events such as this one managed by the US Soccer Federation. Jessica Covino and Michael Leuzzi were our direct supervisors, and both were a pleasure to work for.

Player Escort and Ball Kid Supervisor: The experience was enriching from the organizational point of view, where you realize that the obligations begin with contacting local associations, to assemble the FIFA protocol and packing everything to start all over again. These SDSU students served as a link between the US Soccer Federation and the 14 ball kids plus 2 chaperones, who was welcomed and accompanied throughout the whole experience. During the match, these students organized the kids on the field and supervised that they would always have balls and be located in their right location.

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Locker Room and Bench Crew: Four students oversaw equipment delivery and setup, aided both teams with any locker room and bench needs, and assisted the operations staff in packing up all items to use at the team’s next match location (Dallas). The main takeaway? The operations team is a well-oiled machine, and every task was expected to be performed with a sense of urgency and correctness. If anyone loves working in a high-paced, behind-the-scenes environment, we highly recommend team operations. The hours spent at the stadium (10:30 AM – 6:00 PM) flew by.
Stretcher Crew: Present on the 50 yard line for the entire game, these SDSU students were on hand in case any of the players got hurt.  Thankfully that didn’t happen and the crew was able to just enjoy themselves while watching history unfold- Alex Morgan scored in her 100th cap and newcomer (and 17 year old!) Mallory Pugh scored her first goal in her very first cap!
Post Written By: Addison Magness, Chelsea Coddington, Daniel Margolin, Jaime Kelm, Jenn Helssen, Mandy Chatigny, Kristina Wedseloft, Jessica Washington, Jessica Anguiano and Sean Bell.