Warning Track Power: SMBA ’18 Visits Athelytix Precision Sports Analytics

Earlier this week SMBA ’18 headed to Athelytix to meet with CEO Jim Chase and CMO Norb Seufert to demo The GRID Hitting System. This system is a part of the Athelytix precision sports analytics offered for training and entertainment to deliver meaningful performance improvement to athletes at all levels. According to WinterGreen Research, the sports analytics market is expected to grow $4.7 billion worldwide by 2021 which places Athelytix in a unique position to make analytics available to the masses.

The newly patented system offers bi-directional laser object detection to capture accurate real-time data where competitors can only track a single direction. The precise measurement and predictive analytics calculate velocity, trajectory, distance and location while HD video captures biomechanics and synchronization. This is all sent to the cloud where the results are immediately analyzed and can be compared over time on their web platform or free mobile app. This system can also be expanded to many other sports besides baseball/softball including golf, soccer, and hockey.

Before SMBA ’18 stepped into the cage, the San Diego Padre’s field dimensions were loaded into the system allowing the students to see how they stack up in a big-league park. Thanks to Athelytix for getting SMBA ’18 into the cage to demo this system and track our performance in the process.