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As students in the San Diego State sports MBA program, we spend our days (and nights … and weekends) learning the latest principles in disciplines such as finance, accounting and statistics.

Yet the reason so many of us were attracted to this program is because along with providing a base of traditional MBA knowledge, this SMBA program lets us indulge our inner sports nerd with class discussions put in sports terms that we can better understand and opportunities to immerse ourselves in this industry that we all love so much.

This new rebranded sports MBA blog will provide another avenue for SMBA 14 to showcase its sports business analysis skills while taking a stab at the hottest topics in the industry.

As has always been the case, this blog exists in part as a promotional tool for the SDSU sports MBA program. We will continue to provide class updates, professor interviews and question and answer sessions with our student of the week.

This year we plan to take the blog to the next level with in-depth analysis on sports business issues of all scopes. We will also take what we learned in Dr. Lackritz’s famed statistics class and apply it to our favorite sports to reach conclusions that go beyond conventional wisdom.

Overall, this blog will be a place where students can stretch their legs a bit and apply some of their newfound classroom skills to their passion areas to produce a collection of posts that will really make you think.

In the end, along with informing potential future students about this great program, we hope to generate a robust discussion on sports business and have a little fun along the way.