Xochitl Glaser: Student of the Week

Xochitl Glaser – a University of San Diego alum – was chosen as the Student of the Week for her contributions in class and group projects. Xochitl exhibits impressive organization and study skills, and is always willing to help her classmates.
Xochitl Glaser SOTW

What have you learned so far in your Sports MBA experience that has helped prepare you for working as a manager in the sports industry?
The Sports MBA program has helped me develop a quantitative skill set. Coming into the program with a social sciences background, I had a lot of experience with communication theory, processes and effects. Now, following statistics, finance, accounting and operations, I feel very prepared to re-enter the workforce and be able to offer a wider variety of skills.

What has been your favorite ___ and why?
Class: International Business. As a person who loves to travel and learn about different countries, it was a great learning experience to evaluate cultural, political and economic differences world wide. It was also very applicable, as we, in the words of Dr. Francis, expanded our “toolbox” by learning and applying the various international strategies companies and sports entities adopt when going global. It was a great reminder that the whole world is at our fingertips and there is so much to see.

Faculty Member: Dr. Reinig. His sense of humor is very refreshing and its very apparent how hard he works and prepares to give us the best education possible.

Guest Lecturer: Steve Gera. We were so lucky to have the opportunity for him to visit the classroom more than once. He has gotten to know each of us and I feel he truly cares not only about our education, but our personal and professional growth as well.

Who is your most admired organization/leader/brand in sports and why?
I admire former NFL Senior Vice President of Special Events and San Diego Chargers COO, Jim Steeg. Now an owner of a sports management and media consulting firm, he is best known for making the Super Bowl what it is today. I admire all that he has accomplished in his storied career in the NFL and now across all major sports, events and operations.San-Diego-Chargers

How has your previous work/internship experience prepared you for this program?
Prior to this program I had about three years worth of work experience. It has given me great insight in classes such as Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management as I can relate personal experiences to topics discussed in class. It makes the material much more meaningful and I can’t wait to take it one step farther once back in the workforce.

After the program, what area of sports would you like to be involved in?
Following the program, I really want to work in the fields of public relations, event management or guest services. I have work experience in each of these areas and would love to blend that with the sports industry. I currently work as a Guest Services Representative for the San Diego Chargers at home games and I would find it as a welcomed challenge to provide the best possible experience for fans and guests at events every day of the year.